8:02 AM

Black ink strokes, flowers and leaves - I find myself entranced by these all the time and I draw them more often, sometimes more than I wanted to. They've become part of my subconscious and in my deep entrancement during my sketches, my hand would simply and almost automatically draw doodles of flora of different kinds. I believe it came from my fascination for nature. It came almost as if I have seen sunlight, meadows, oceans and felt the wind whipping my hair, warm water trickling by my feet on a stoney riverbed, all before I was born. I believe it is fitting, almost honourably, to be represented by them. I shall share the complete illustration with you in the next post.

I am excited to show you what I have made during the last three weeks, and I hope you shall like it.
Also, I have reached out to a fellow ex-intern to create stamps for my illustrations. It is a wonderful collaboration.

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