Skin, Ink and Bones

11:39 AM

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! The new week is here and I hope you all have had some good time to rest and catch up with life. Our Saturday was spent fetching the newest member of our family Graham, the overly active and slobbery kisser Siberian husky. He seems to get pretty well with our little Hiro. Anyways, I found my time being taken over mostly with all the caring and cleaning that comes along with raising a new pup, but here I am now, typing away in joy as the two canine brothers play like kindergarteners--sweet and curious. And also, I have been writing again. Learning the Danish language is also on my list, though having no plans of going to Denmark anytime soon, it is still a mystery as to why I would love to learn this language. But I feel like I have fallen in love with the language and culture of this country, just as I have loved learning new things -- it is exciting.  Alright, now back to this post, I have been musing again.

I find myself busy with illustrations these past two weeks and I am loving every minute of it. I get to illustrate and experiment a lot. 

First, the tools of the trade. Ink, pencils, an array of brushes, water bottles and yes, the never-ending to-do list. I must also metion my brother's anatomy book, which I have suddenly now remembered was and still is in my possession. And of course, coffee. Endless supply of coffee to keep the spirits up and running until the wee hours of the morning, the time when I could ink in either silence or listening in earnest to historical documentaries...and the occassional Linkin Park. 

Within the last week or so, some concepts have been playing inside my mind, and these are the two. First is this, the lady in gold. I have not any title yet, but this is what is behind the illustration. 

"What use is a pretty face if one is but empty inside?"
Do you ever feel like her?

 Vines are entertwined within her empty chest, wrapped within the individual bones of her ribcage, with nothing even a heart inside to stir meaning and passion into her being. She is abandoned deep inside.

This has been so far some of the things that I think about whenever I'm alone with my thoughts at night or the early hours before dawn, letting them go around my head in an attempt to understand them, making the best of what I can from my insomnia. 

This is the second. I have always been illustrating ladies with florals. I haven't really figured out why. Until some grain of thoughts have entered my subconscious. There was always this image of perfection lately. Not just in the media but also to our own personal standards, including my own. I have fallen prey to criticising my image and even my accomplishments. Mostly though, it was the image I was projecting to everyone. 

Am I good enough? Am I presentable? Am I pleasant looking?

These nudes of women that I make, varying in shapes and sizes, as I have realized lately, show nothing of the garments that show status, money, fame, fashion, and more. It was just them, as they are. The florals though, have been and still is, quite a mystery. Is it the pureness of it? Or the aura of nature's ethereal beauty that is deep within their beings that show in these florals? I am still not sure enough. Still, I draw them.

So dear readers, what do you feel? 

There! Now to be honest I feel quite tired, true, since it is but 2:27am. But my mind wanders still. 
Until the next post! 


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