A Breath of Fresh Air, uh, Design! (Finally!)

11:41 AM

Hello guys!
The rainy season is here and as the title goes, a breath of fresh air has finally arrived. The sweet, cold and damp smell of the rain has altered not just my mood but somehow, my blog design. Not sure how these two connect, but hey, I've got a new design! All of these loveliness would not be possible were it not for the amazing ThemeExpose! As an HTML proficiency deprived artist I have tried to redesign my blog to no avail, so it is with huge relief that I have stumbled (quite purposefully) upon this free theme called Sugar in the huge world wide web. So guys, it would be my pleasure to applause the creator for helping out artists like me. I did a bit of tweaking in terms of what I want to see and now I am satisfied. 

Also, new artworks are on the works! 
Check out my blog header, it's a detail of an ink illustration I have finished today and I am happy. 

So let us welcome the weekend with excitement for good change, new possibilities and a renewed zest for life. 

Here is the link to the creator of the lovely blog theme. 
Go give them a visit! 



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