Spread The Love This Christmas!

8:03 PM

I have always been so in love with the concept of giving gifts. There's the warm intimacy of actually wrapping carefully selected gifts and tying them with ribbons and such things. I also love to write handwritten notes. I believe that it connects us even more to one another, that we are always in each other's thoughts and hearts each day. And this Christmas, the act of gift giving becomes even more important as we celebrate this season of peace and warmth, cherishing not only Jesus' birth but also the love we share for all.

Obsessing over paper (a wee bit obvious but hey) for so long a time, I have been making my own Christmas gift tags for two years now and it has brought me happiness even in their simplicity. Now, I decided I'd share it with others as well.

Have you ever loved a gift so much, whether it's from a friend or from someone really special to your being, that you hung that person's gift tag on your tree, or stuck it in a book so you'd remember that lovely feeling each time you come across it? Well, I am known to be such a patron of such an act. And I know there are lots of people who do the same as well. So I made these gift tags for everyone to send to their loved ones this season of extra love, peace and warmth.

Each gift tag is made of thick specialty board, two of the designs have gold foil, and golden strings are included as well for tying on to gifts. If one is interested, please have a visit on my Facebook page.


Thank you for reading this and here's to more warmth in your autumn days!


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