Quirky and Kind of Heartbreaking

10:52 AM

Wes Anderson with Tom Wilkinson on the set of The Grand Budapest Hotel

You know, I would really be on cloud nine if Mr. Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Mr. Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) were to do a collaboration together. Because really, just look at their work. There's the quirkiness in the stories, the striking visuals and the rather odd yet endearing dialogues. And, I have not forgotten to point their interest in sad and often gruesome stories told in a way that has both lovingly memorable and quirky characters with terribly bitter fates.

The stories of both Anderson and Fuller's works are filled with sad situations and tragic back stories it was hard for me not to miss it. They play these tragedies in a way that still makes it happy and quirky despite the dark truths behind their characters and the plot. I have a fondness of such a thing, of pairing something dark with something positive - like hiding fierceness underneath a modest smile. Well, same goes with Tim Burton too. What is with me and my choice of creators? I'm not sure, but I do know that I adore their films and series immensely.

There's also the love of use for patterns with the two creators. I was watching Wes Anderson films a lot recently and have noticed just how both their works have visuals that do not shy away from patterns paired with another pattern. It was taught in class not to do so but here are these guys, doing it and making everything look so beautiful. Their production designers are amazing. They works are such visual feasts I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen I feel like my eyes are drying out, only to be wet from the tears of joy each time I watch their films (I am exaggerating a bit, but yes, I have cried more than once just because of the authentic "tug" I feel each time I watch them.) 

Then there are the characters I could totally relate to all of a sudden. Somehow I find myself rooting for them, desperately worrying if something wrong and unfair is about to happen to them.  No matter how flawed the characters, I just couldn't help but love them all the more.

 Until then, I shall enjoy the strangeness and happiness of both their works.

 Note: I had to put the titles in each picture. Haha! No copyright infringement intended. These images are not mine and they belong to their respective owners.

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