Ink & Parchment : Week Two

12:47 AM

Inktober week two was a challenge I didn't expect. There were lots of ideas of what each piece should be, but sometimes spontaneity is also key and what to make do when an idea pops in your head even in the middle of the illustration process. 

Day 8
Queen Elizabeth I
I watched the film Elizabeth : The Golden Age with my mother and brother and found myself in awe of Cate Blanchett's portrayal of this independent queen. Her presence was so strong I immediately found myself staring in admiration. I have been watching documentaries about her for some time now and I can't seem to get enough of knowing more about her life. Creating this ink illustration took a lot of patience and focus. Her hair was a challenge. I have always loved creating intricate patterns for so long but I haven't done a lot of it recently, so making one right now was a wonderful stretch.

Day 9
Nancy & Charley
Nancy, a young lady from the countryside, travels to London to find her missing uncle. While lost and confused in the busy streets, she bumps into Charley Wellman, a self-established chimney sweep who is the sole guardian of two young orphans Tobey and Thomas. He expresses his interest in helping Nancy find her uncle in exchange for the education of the two boys. Having agreed on each of their terms, they scour the streets of London both day and night. What they find is the mysterious hidden trade of corpses, eerily snatched from fresh graves or, horrifyingly enough, were warm as if they have been alive a few moments ago. What Nancy could not understand, is her uncle's role in the new trade brought about by the dawn of medicine and human anatomy. Surely he wouldn't be involved, wouldn't he? 
Inking her hair was another challenge that I thought I needed and to be truly honest, it was very much therapeutic for me.

Day 10
Wouldn't it be such a marvelous thing to brew potions all day and all night, only to brew tons of tea as well? Claudia thinks so too. Spending time in her kitchen she tries to find the perfect potion for her Potions class under Miss Clovis...due the next day! Well, it is in my honor to say that she has been successful both with her Glow-Inflicting potion and the perfect brew of lavender tea.

Day 11
Magic Studies
She had always loved to study spells and potions so she spends the time reading books and doing field studies by the forest and rivers. Her friend, a dirty white ferret named Ferrars, looks on in curiosity and mischief on all her adventures. This lovely witch, at the start of my illustrating until posting, didn't have a name. It is fortunate that a cousin of mine had a lovely idea for her name. Now, this studious witch is named Seraphine. Thanks Louisse! I tip my hat to you, and send you golden fairy dust collected by Seraphine from the Greenwood.

Day 12
Shield Maiden
Sitting on an English throne in all its golden radiance and glory, Lagertha watches over her people wonder in awe of riches beyond their imagination. She is a strong and cunning woman. Her love for her family knows no bounds, and her fearlessness is admirable. I am very much excited to watch Vikings again and the anticipation for the next few episodes coming this November is getting stronger and stronger. I would love to see what has happened to this shield maiden turned Earl.
 I must say I dove head-first in making this without much hesitation. It was in the middle of it all, when everything went into place, that I realized I bit more than what I could chew at that moment, 12am and still illustrating, tired yet pretty much restless. I was planning to make the details of the throne a bit more elaborate than what has been the final piece, but in the quiet of the night, I decided that focusing only on Lagertha would be wise. Additionally, I was thinking of stopping and putting my pens down so I could sleep, which was a rather horrifying thought -- I wouldn't let a piece of Inktober go unfinished, it is more like sleeping without resolving an argument. Unacceptable. It is in here that I realized how much perseverance could take anyone. I didn't give up though I made compromises that still made me happy as a result. There is wisdom in perseverance and in knowing when to do things in your own time, with your own capability. I am happy that even as I drew this strong woman, she happens to teach me something more than I could ever think of learning while doing an inktober piece. Thanks, Lagertha.

Day 13
Her mind wanders through the forest, hearing leaves crushing beneath her feet as she walked, the moonlight shining down on her cold skin, pale and radiant against the darkness of the deep majesty of the trees. 

Day 14
Spirit of the Wind
The wind sings day and night, of songs and lullabies of days old. Her cries echo for the birds and the beings of flight and green, for the death of trees bring forth the death of her friends.
I love trees, the mountains. Nature is not just scenery, it is our home. We live in it among other living beings of equal status -- none of us are higher and all of us deserve the beauty and comfort of this world. For every unworthy and thoughtless destruction comes the end of rights and dignity to live. Claiming the land for own's own is not only wrong, it is also unfair. Progress does not mean destruction, for progress could be made with others' lives in mind and heart. Have respect not just for trees, but for everything.

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