Ink & Parchment : Week Three

1:54 AM

It's the third week of Inktober and I can't help but flip back on my sketchbook to look at my sketches -- has it really been three weeks? I haven't been drawing daily for so long a time. I feel like the avid sketcher in my younger years (I'm not as old as it implies, mind you, but I love the extra years!). This week has brought so many challenges, mostly confusion and a little bit of frustration. I have realized I have yet to learn so many techniques but I calmed myself, remembering that good things take time. I must be patient not just with others, but with myself -- impatience has always been my offense against myself. There is a time for every thing, yet it is within us to use time wisely. 

With lessons also come pleasant surprises. I get to know many artists and individuals, all very kind and amazing. I didn't think I'd meet them through inktober but I suppose that's the magic of it. 
Hello, new and old friends!

Day 15
Herbs and Florals
There is always the wonderful feeling of growing your own flora and the best method to ensure they stay healthy is through dedication and a sprinkling of magic...well maybe a dash or two says Gwyneth. She is the honorary overseer for the Care for Forests and All Things Living and she takes great pride in conjuring new potions to take care of the forest and its inhabitants. Plus, she gets to grow her own tea. 

Day 16
Book Lover
Margaret is the librarian of a humble library in the village. She loves the rare books that are in the upper section of the cottage library and she absolutely dotes on books about herbs and bodies of water. Despite the rather tiny size of the library, the amount of work a librarian must do around there is quite immense but Margaret, the ever dedicated book lover, will always whip up her wand to get the books in their rightful places no matter how long it takes her. Well, at least she gets to read a lot of books, and one would be surprised as to what items are tucked between the pages. The nicest thing she saw was a thistle pressed between the volume of Valorous Kings of Old and a rather peculiar letter from a wizard named Baldouin...strangely addressed to Margaret herself!

Day 17
As chief herbologist and naturalist of the village school for witches and wizards, Geeta oversees all matters pertaining to nature. With a wave of her hand, floras of different kinds bloom about her, allowing her to choose which flowers she'd like in the room or what herbs to give an ailing student. Her students are Gwyneth, Seraphine, Saoirse and Claudia who all adore her like a sister. She is also friends with a solitary wizard named Baldouin, who, at Geeta's behest, is encouraged to show his feelings to Geeta's peculiar younger good friend Margaret. Blooming her own batch of lavender in her office, she is wondering if she has done the right thing. 

Day 18
After receiving a rather peculiar letter a few days ago, Margaret finds a newcomer at the village library who happens to be looking for rare herbology books. She and the wizard (of strange garments and language) began a lengthy conversation about herbs and their uses. The talk turned to trees then of books, after which she describes the oddities that one might see tucked between the pages of volumes. She showed the wizard the envelope that encloses the letter she received from a certain fellow named Baldouin. The content of the letter, which merely contains a passage from a volume of poetry and a small stalk of daisies, she kept secret. Laughing along with her they talked of the odds of receiving letters hidden inside books and finally bid her farewell. Putting the books back on their shelves with her wand, a bloom of lavender falls down on the floor. Margaret picks it up and found it still as freshly picked from the fields. And within another book was another letter. She also recalled, for shame, that she did not know his name.

Day 19
Taryn loves to gather mushrooms for just about anything -- food, potions, models for her illustrated guide to fungi and even gifts for her fellow witches and wizards. She spends a lot of time in the forest and in her wanderings she has met many friends, particularly birds of different kinds. I've also realized that I named her Taryn, a name she shares with one of my favorite illustrators, Taryn Knight! My, I hope she likes her.

Day 20
Saoirse was brought up by her strict but well-meaning and loving family. Being a rather spirited witch, she often gets into trouble with her parents. Despite her adventurous nature though, Saoirse manages to keep her cool and hide her emotions which could be rather misleading to others who don't know her too well. She is good friends with most of her fellow students, but it is Gwyneth who holds her utmost trust. She loves being out of doors, preferring the wildness of the forest than the comfort of rooms. Yes, even with a very cozy fireplace and a spot of tea, she believes she can be comfortable out in the wild with the a bonfire and a portable tea set. Knowing of Saoirse's discomfort, Geeta has created a class room out of a greenhouse, filled with different kinds of flora and small fauna, with a door leading out to the woods by the falls. This tremendous and thoughtful effort has made Geeta a particularly likeable woman to Saoirse.

Day 21
So this inktober day just got a little bit crazy. I didn't know just how stubborn walnut ink could be but maybe it's just my inexperience with using it. I sketched Margaux earlier in the afternoon. She's a particularly solitary witch who prefers the quiet of her study room. But despite her isolation, she likes the company of her trusted companions and has a soft spot for Seraphine who happens to remind her of her sister.
On the right side is Daario who happens to be Baldouin's good friend. He lives in many places but not staying too long in one dwelling for weeks though he comes back every once in a while. Birds are loyal to him and trust his person -- he once saved a family of endangered desert eagles from poachers with his confusion hex. He built them their own nest high above the mountains where no one could reach, safe and able to live as freely as they should.

Challenges abound, inktober is teaching me so much. I must be persistent with my goal of making thirty-one illustrations. As daunting as it may seem, it's all good fun that brings so much magic and learnings to all who participate. 

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