Character Designs

9:03 PM

Here are some character designs in watercolor I've made back in college. I really like the dude in the red shirt and his green highlights. He knows how to look cool. And the fiery red-head is having fun on that new planet. Space domination is her game. And the worm? Well, he's just being a critic. Ha! :)

And the one below is a different representation of "Darna", a classic Philippine heroine. Instead of having superpowers after swallowing a small magical stone, I thought about her becoming a superwoman after taking a bit of 'manggang hilaw with bagoong' (green mango with shrimp paste), which is a very delicious snack here in my country. I myself am in love with it. 

Been doing some other character designs as well. I think I may post some earlier ones too, as I've always loved the ones I made in the past. They're like old friends you see. It's such a thrill to look at them after some time.

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